Eat more…Bananas


Bananas…the ultimate fast food. Peel. Consume. Complete perfection. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals to nourish our bodies. Why should we incorporate more bananas into our diets?!

Hydration Made up of 76% water. Bananas help our cells to stay hydrated.

Manganese Bananas are high in this mineral helping our bones to stay strong, preventing osteoporosis. Manganese helps to jump start our metabolism making bananas the perfect post work out snack.

Vitamin B6  One banana can give you one third of your recommended B6 for the day. Vitamin B6 plays a huge part in our day, helping with movement, energy levels and blood flow. Also helping  to balance out our moods…Mamas make sure were all getting TONS of bananas….is that just me, oh goodness…don’t tell my kids.

Fructooligosaccharides   or FOS, bananas contain high levels of these. “(FOS) virtually undigested by the human digestive system so arrives in the colon unaltered, providing a food source for beneficial bactercia”  check it…also known as probiotics. Basically FOS are prebiotics…nourishing and feeding the probiotics.

Immune System About 70% of our immune system is in our lower intestines…WHHHAT…yup, that is  were most of that lies. Who knew? Well now you do, so if were nourishing our guts than basically we are building up our immune systems.


Bananas are so easy to add into our diets but here’s a few more ways.


‘Banana Milk’

2 Frozen bananas

2 ripe (unfrozen) bananas

2 C. cold water

Blend all of the ingredients together and serve immediately. Great as a substitute for dairy milk in cereals or smoothies, or just for a wonderful sweet treat.


Dry Them…yum..curbs my sweet tooth EVERY. TIME.


Banana Bread…Oh goodness, who doesn’t love banana bread!


Banana Ice Cream…Add some thick peanut butter….its on!


Hers to nourishing our bodies!



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