Grow your own …SCOBY.

13413320_478088609062772_647318069_n1 I was in, all in. I had been drinking kombucha before it became cool, but then the price sky rocketed. Like all things do once the word gets out about the amazing-ness of it. So hence the price jump I had stopped drinking it. I had read somewhere that you can buy a Scoby online. Being the cheap…ahem frugal, woman I am I decided that there had to be a way to start my own. After a bit of research I soon discovered you can indeed grow your own! So for all you wonderfully frugal people out there…this is for you! For the rest of you…you can purchase your equally as awesome SCOBY here.

To grow your own SCOBY all you need is a large glass jar, something like these.

1 cup of black Tea

1 Tablespoon of sugar (plain old white sugar)

1 Bottle of unflavored (original)  kombucha.

Dissolve the sugar into the tea and pour it into the glass jar. Once the tea is at room temperature pour the entire kombucha bottle contents into the tea. Cover with a tea towel, flour sack cloth ect. to keep any bugs out and secure with a rubber band. Place in a warm, dark spot for a week. After a week check on your tea. You may see a baby SCOBY starting to form on the surface, or just some cloudiness starting. If not, let it go another week. After the second week you should see a baby SCOBY at the surface. Go ahead and remove your SCOBY! Now get to brewing! DON’T throw your tea out though, you’ll add this to your first brew and it will speed up the process.

13397658_1099063816823940_11032986_n1 Isn’t she so cute! And aren’t you so proud, that is if your like me and get this weird satisfaction from doing it yourself!


To start brewing you’ll need:

8 C. filtered water

2 Black tea bags

1/2 C. sugar

Remainder of kombucha/tea from growing your SCOBY

And of course, your SCOBY

Brew your tea, remove tea bags and dissolve the sugar. Bring the tea to a complete room temperature and add in the remainder of the kombucha/tea and your newly formed SCOBY. Replace the tea towel and rubber band and again the wait is on. Place in a warm dark place. The first ferment with a new SCOBY may take a little longer than 3 weeks. As your SCOBY gets stronger and more mature the length of time with shorten. Each time you brew, your SCOBY will add another layer/baby.


Happy Brewing All!








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