The Duck Harvest



The time had come to finally butcher the ducks. It was far overdue but my hubby is a busy man and there ain’t no way I’m braving those muscovies solo. Have you seen those claws-ya, not your average duck…guinea fowl to be exact. Oddly I was anxious to finally be butchering them. Mostly because we had intentions to do this a while ago but with summer time our schedules were all out of whack. Onward to the butchering.

We’ve butchered plenty of animals before so this was nothing new-pigs, rabbits, chickens. But the ducks, they were different. They had a little piece of my heart. Going into this we were going to butcher at least 10. When all was said and done- I have 3 in my fridge. Geez! What happened you say?! Me…thats what. That was the hardest butcher! It wasn’t the cleaning just the initial act. I love those ducks. They were entirely free range, ……as in the door to the duck coop has never been closed. (No predators on Kauai)  Annnd I think thats what did it. Anyhow I have two 8 lb. males and one 4 lb. female in the fridge.  Needless to say I probably won’t be the butchers assistant for the next duck harvest, if we want to remain meat eaters that is, and we will.  Also I finally closed the door to their coop….till next time. Cheers!




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