Motherhood and the joy of the Mess(es)

The Struggle is REAL people, oh SO REAL. Balancing the chores and all there is to do in a day and the littles. Oh those sweet, sweet messy little children. But those dishes, the laundry, the crumbs, sticky doorhandles, poop smeared toilet, poop smear too far? How about chicken poop trailed into the house? it will all be there tomorrow my friends. Those tiny chubby hands calling you to play, just play! Those will not. One day they will be grown and we will look back on our clean homes and wished we would have played more. So, put down the sponge, hang up the mop and get on the floor with those littles and play. Close your eyes at the mess. There will always be time to clean. Like when they go to bed, and you get to grab your cold Stella and a dish cloth….or not, enjoy your hubby and really embrace that mess.



To Cold Stella’s after bedtime and chubby little hands!


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