Soaked Chicken Feed


Soaking chicken feed, It’s pretty similar to the concept of soaking your flour or your grains, rice, ect. But waay less complicated, and you know, it’s for your chickens. I can’t let our girls have free rein at the feed. Here on Kaua’i we have these silly little pests. By silly I mean the most annoying, ruthless, destructive, completely  useless, horrid, wild chickens. Apparently the hurricanes let them loose, and the fact that they basically have ZERO predators here they have the run of the mill. They destroy any sort of good thing that you might put in the ground. Plants, hay, wood chips, drip systems, dog runs, you name it, they will scratch at it until it is no more. Oh yes soaked chicken feed. As I was saying our chickens have to gobble up their food before I let them out for the day otherwise I’m feeding the wild chickens. I decided to start soaking it because they inhale their food when it’s all mushy and oh so delicious looking. They don’t leave a bite leftover. I also end up using way less feed due to the expansion of the grains. It’s a win win all around. I take a big glass jar and fill it with the desired feed amount,


top it with water till the feed is completely submerged and let it sit till its time to call them in for the night. Then repeat. Ha! Who am I kidding, calling chickens in ain’t easy.



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