Mothers day

Welcome to my ramblings, as this is my first post! I thought it was appropriate to post it on Mothers Day (the night before) as I am a mother and am constantly failing at it although I love it dearly. Before you actually have children (oh wondrous labor, I kid…kind of) you have all of these expectations of what kind of mother you will be and how your children will obediently follow you around like ducklings with their mother. Then the as said before, labor, now you have this blessing of a human being to care for, love, nurture and discipline ….because they have a mind of their own and they don’t always want to brush their teeth, or give the chickens water, homework, take out the trash, clean their room, feed the rabbits, pick up their legos,  where was I. But you love them so much you feel like at times your heart may explode or perhaps your mind.

Anyhow this amazing blessing of motherhood is so incredible! Ladies lets stop mom guilting ourselves to no avail and just enjoy the madness of ,waking 203 too many times in the night for water, a car (the inside) so dirty you park far away so the chances of anyone seeing it are slim, tea parties, tea parties, tea parties, motherhood…. for what it is, a season. A very short fleeting season and an amazing precious gift that we are so graciously entrusted with. Happy Mothers Day to you Incredible Moms out there!




Breakfast in bed! Oh, be still my heart..


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