MIA and Banana Corn Bread.

Well hello. I seemed to have fallen off the face of the Earth….or so it seems. Life has been incredibly busy. Pause button anyone? Whew, these child rearing years are real! Trying to be present in the moment, always, …run a household, feed animals, home school, love and tend to the amazing man I married… Continue reading MIA and Banana Corn Bread.

No Oats- Chocolate granola

   This family loves granola. My little’s also have a relentless sweet tooth. So I’ve created a dessert granola…all of the ingredients are wonderful and nourishing so you could even top some yogurt with it and call it breakfast. Shhhh, my little’s still think its dessert. I’ve opted away from the usual oat recipes. Oats… Continue reading No Oats- Chocolate granola

Eat more…Bananas

Bananas…the ultimate fast food. Peel. Consume. Complete perfection. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals to nourish our bodies. Why should we incorporate more bananas into our diets?! Hydration Made up of 76% water. Bananas help our cells to stay hydrated. Manganese Bananas are high in this mineral helping our bones to stay strong, preventing osteoporosis. Manganese helps to… Continue reading Eat more…Bananas

Grow your own …SCOBY.

 I was in, all in. I had been drinking kombucha before it became cool, but then the price sky rocketed. Like all things do once the word gets out about the amazing-ness of it. So hence the price jump I had stopped drinking it. I had read somewhere that you can buy a Scoby online. Being… Continue reading Grow your own …SCOBY.

Eat more…Basil

      Hello. I’m back. I went missing for a while… I recently had a family member diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Wow. Talk about a reality check. After coming out of the shock from hearing her news I basically submerged myself into researching food, nutrition and pretty much just natural health to boost her… Continue reading Eat more…Basil

The Duck Harvest

  The time had come to finally butcher the ducks. It was far overdue but my hubby is a busy man and there ain’t no way I’m braving those muscovies solo. Have you seen those claws-ya, not your average duck…guinea fowl to be exact. Oddly I was anxious to finally be butchering them. Mostly because we… Continue reading The Duck Harvest

Motherhood and the joy of the Mess(es)

The Struggle is REAL people, oh SO REAL. Balancing the chores and all there is to do in a day and the littles. Oh those sweet, sweet messy little children. But those dishes, the laundry, the crumbs, sticky doorhandles, poop smeared toilet, poop smear too far? How about chicken poop trailed into the house? it will all be… Continue reading Motherhood and the joy of the Mess(es)